About Us

Yogablossom was created by yoga teacher and artist, Mikelle Terson, in the early 1990's.  Using her background in psychology (Gestalt Therapy and Rogerian Therapy), her work with energy systems (Reiki, BioEnergetics and Energy Balancing), and her training in yoga, Mikelle created a system of one-to-one sessions to help students "blossom" into their true and joyful selves.  

A former gymnast for the University of Florida, Mikelle began her yoga path after an injury sustained while competing. She transfered to Cornell University, and after graduating with a degree in Biology,  she studied yoga with Richard Michael Odom in Sun Valley, Idaho and then with many other master teachers including Swami Bua, Eric Schiffman, Oonasia, Rod Stryker, John Friend, Ross Rayburn and Panditji Rajmani Tigunait of the Himilayan Institute.  She has also studied Sound Healing with grammy nominee, Silvia Nakkash and Dr. John Beaulieu.  She is a graduate of the Sound and Music Institute in NYC.  Mikelle has a private practice in NYC.

Mikelle's background in science, has lent itself to the development of products and methods to help teachers and students learn aspects of yoga more easily.  True to her philosophy of "Learn through Joy", Mikelle hopes her stick figures allow students to have a little fun in the process. Her love of travel and art merged into creating a spiritually-minded jewelry company whose focus is to uplift and inspire through beauty and awareness.   

Just as yoga is a dynamic and always growing and evolving science with strong and ancient roots, Yogablossom's intention is to continue to unfold it's petals to better serve the yoga community.

"Without the love, there is no yoga."

 "A posture is like a constellation.  Your find all your coordinates.  Your feet go here, your thigh rotates in here, your shoulder blades move here, and once you have all your individual stars in line....... you let yourself shine."

Mikelle Terson