I've never been more proud to be a yogi.  Especially today, with the crazy political climate, I feel so  fortunate that i jumped into this river of ancient wisdom of the true reality so long ago.  This river carries all of the efforts and realizations of the ancients and ancestors of our great yoga family-- who sat and meditated in caves, who listened deeply to how a sound activated a certain part of the brain, who intuited through body wisdom how our physical form can shape and move and vibrate into asanas of health and vitality and deep connection. This river is deepened by every yoga student's practice, every "aha" along the way, every moment where we choose love over fear, light over dark, consciousness over ignorance.   And now more than ever,  the world needs our love.  Choose love, live love, speak the truth of love, resist all that isn't love.  Love--the greatest teacher, the greatest soother, the greatest healer, the greatest answer.

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  • I love your stick figure Yoga cards. Everyone I give your cards to love them and want to know where I got them and refer them to your website. I’m in a Yoga Teacher Training right now can’t wait to teach others Yoga. Gracias.

    Esther Thomas

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